BE OFFCUT – local business highlight

This article was originally featured in our August newsletter.

Hi, I’m Tristan Batt, a member of the Scoop & Scales community, based in
Bollington and the founder of BE OFFCUT, an eco-conscious fashion brand.
Thanks to the work done by organisations like Scoop & Scales, as well as international
media, people’s knowledge and concern around the harm that plastic waste is doing
to the planet has become more mainstream, especially amongst the younger

The fashion industry is now coming under scrutiny – it is
probably the next “big” focus in terms of impact on the
planet. Did you know that 190,000 tons of textile
microplastic fibres end up in the oceans every year?
This scrutiny has been further highlighted by the recent
Boohoo practices in Leicester – the industry is waking up
and taking notice. NEXT, ASOS and Zalando, have
consequently reviewed their relationship with Boohoo. As a
result, Boohoo lost close to a quarter of its value at the time.
The challenge here is that it’s not only a question of harm to
the planet, but also as to how people are treated – a fair
living wage.

Do we think consumers, especially the younger generations,
will be prepared to pay more for their clothes if it means a
“fairer” world? Will the consumer behaviour move towards “slow fashion”?
At BE OFFCUT we are trying to play our part. The brand’s product design principle is built
around the idea of using, or reusing, fashion production offcuts to re-create the new. We
launched our first offer in July – our REBORO collection that features a denim patchwork
made from discarded denim or denim offcuts.

Each patchwork is unique, hand crafted and finished locally. We’ve used skilled partners
to support the finishing of the garments. Our REBORO garments are GOTS (Global
Organic Textiles Standard) and climate neutral certified, with our supplier being a
“socially responsible supplier”. Alongside our REBORO offer we
have an everyday Essentials collection, using garments which
hold GRS (Global Recycling Standard) , amongst other
certifications. This means that a BE OFFCUT Essentials T-shirt is
produced using 5 plastic bottles and preconsumed recycled
organically grown cotton .

We believe that we can #domorewithless – use the resources we
have to re-imagine products, as well as ourselves.
We believe that confidence is the key to achieving whatever
one sets their mind to.

Our past experiences (our offcuts) are what make us but don’t
have to define who we are going forward.
Check us out on, or find us on Facebook
and Instagram @beoffcut.

We provide free local delivery and are currently offering 20%
discount for Scoop & Scales members using the discount code
SCOOPSCALES20 at checkout (valid until the end of August).
I am always looking for feedback, you can reach me directly on
[email protected]
#domorewithless #beoffcut