Happy Valley Honey

Paul Beardmore of Happy Valley Honey has about 120 colonies of bees, divided between 10 apiaries situated at various points around Macclesfield Borough. He works largely single handedly, with passion and dedication to ensure the honey produced is direct from the hives with minimum interference from the outside, just as mother nature intended.

Happy Valley honey bees forage for nectar and pollen in local fields, gardens and hedgerows, the benefits of which go way beyond the yield of this delicious golden nectar.

HV Honey


Due to climate change, intensive farming and loss of woodland, wild colonies of bees have dwindled to the point of extinction. This reduction in biodiversity has a massive environmental impact.  So, sustaining honey bee numbers through bee keeping means the pollination of crops and plants to crucially enable us to continue to produce plants and foods. A healthy pollination system translates to a healthy ecosystem.

Supporting the Bee Farmers Association (of which Paul is a proud member) through the enjoyment of this local honey (which is also absolutely delicious and full of health benefits) has never been as important as it is now!