Healthy Scotch Pancakes

pancakes with yogurt and banana

A great start to a weekend morning (or weekday if you really organised)

You will need: **available at Scoop and Scales

120g self raising flour**

80g oats

70g sugar **

2 eggs

90g milk

50g chia seeds**

50g raisins**

120ml water

Optional – A mashed banana or two

What to do:

  • Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl, including mashed banana if you choose.
  • Leave to rest for as long as you can wait.
  • Heat a pan to top temperature melting a small amount and then reduce to cook.
  • Put 1tbsp of the mixture into the pan and cook on one side until small bubbles appear, flip over and cook on the opposite side.

Serving suggestions

– with fresh or stewed fruit and golden syrup

– with Happy Valley Honey

-with chopped banana and peanut butter