How does zero waste shopping work?

Shopping at Scoop and Scales is a piece of cake (sorry food on the brain). Shopping at Scoop and Scales is easy! There’s just 3 simple steps to follow, and our team in the shop will be happy to show you the ropes:

What containers can I use?
You can bring along any air tight containers to refill, there are no prizes for fanciest jar here, so be creative and re-use where you can! Underrated containers include the inner from cereal boxes, pasta bags and the tubs from your Christmas chocolates.

What if I forget to bring my own containers?
Fear not! We have a healthy supply of jars that have been cleaned in a dishwasher and plastic tubs that have been thoroughly scrubbed. We also have a wide range of bottles suitable for all our liquid products.

I’m not very confident with my maths
The good news is you don’t need to be Rachel Riley to shop with us, simply make a note of the empty weight of any containers you use, and we will do the rest at the till.

Take exactly what you need
Are about to make your once yearly batch of cinnamon rolls? Then shop with us and get exactly what you need and not a gram more. We are here for all your purchases, whether 1tsp or 10kg.