About us

A repair café is where people gather to work on repairing household objects like bicycles, clothing, electronics and mechanical devices.

The idea is to promote using pre-existing items rather than buying a new one, which would impact the environment.

We have moved our Repair Cafe out of the Heritage Centre across the road to the Senior Citizens hall!

The schedule is below:

12-2-2022 | 10am-2pm
19-3-2022 | 10am-2pm
9-4-2022 | 10am-2pm
14-5-2022 | 10am-2pm
11-6-2022 | 10am-2pm
9-7-2022 | 10am-2pm


Local Repair Shops

If we are ever unable to fix your item, we have put together a list of local repairers who can help! 


Clothing Repair

Macclesfield Tailoring – The Grosvenor Shopping Centre

Tailor Mayde for you – 61 Mill Street

Iwona Tailoring – Park lane


Electrical Repair

Paul Peters electrical Services – 3 Roe Street 


Bike Repair 

Mac Cycles – 7 Jordangate 

Bikes – 80 Park Lane



Mr Fonez – 24 Mill street

Adam Chapman – Facebook!



Working Jewellers – Park lane


Contact us

Please get in touch if you would like to register your interest as a volunteer, or if you would like to let us know in advance what type of repair you need (or don’t! Surprises are fun too!)

Email – [email protected]

FB – @maccrepaircafe

Instagram – @macc_repaircafe