Scoop and Scales is operated by a team of officers, who all volunteer their time to help things tick over. But who are they? 



My name is Lucy. I am the Marketing officer on Scoop and Scales the committee. I am working hard to develop our social media presence as well as writing the GOOD NEWSletter. I am always keen to include articles and information from our members and community so please get in touch.  

I am a primary school teacher by trade and love all things community related. I am sure that Scoop and Scales has the potential to make a big impact in Macclesfield 

When not at work I enjoy attempting triathlons, pottery and gardening and regular camping trips – all with mixed success!! 



Hi there,  

My name is Matt, I am joint Chair of Scoop and Scales and I have lived here all my life. I believe that in Macc we have a huge opportunity to develop not just a food shop, but a centre where people can be inspired and informed about taking positive environmental action.  

I am an avid Macclesfield Town fan and can be found cheering the team on across the county. You may have heard me on local radio doing the commentary and post-match analysis. I spend my other spare time gardening and walking.  


Hello there,  

My name is Beth. I am the secretary for Scoop and Scales and I enjoy being busy behind the scenes. I am very proud of what our group has achieved in a short space of time. I am a Primary School Teacher and love to work on projects which inspire the children to appreciate and take care of our wonderful world. I love being in nature and I am keen bird spotter. I also spend my time baking and experimenting with all sorts of ingredients and never let anything go to waste! 


Hi everyone,  

My name is Emily. I am part of the buying team on the Scoop and Scales Committee and am keen to see as many local and ethical suppliers stocked in our shop as possible.  

When not working as a nurse, I can be found racing round the great outdoors with my two lively children and even livelier Oaty the dog.  

I am passionate about environmental and social change and am a member of Macclesfield Extinction rebellion and a regular participant of the weekly park runs in the local area.



My name is Fabienne. I am the treasurer for Scoop and Scales and it is my job to make sure that the incoming and outgoing finances are all ok. I am currently working on applying for various community grants to support Scoop and Scales moving forward.  

I also run another project called “52 small Steps” through social media I am publishing the changes I am making in my life with an aim to inspire others to do the same.  

I am an avid crafter and love to be creative and experimental with everything from cakes to cotton! 


Hi there, my name is Andy, I am joint Chairperson of Scoop and Scales.  

I am keen to help Scoop and Scales develop through drawing on the positivity and abilities of the members to offer a new approach to ethical shopping for the people of Macclesfield.  I enjoy the great outdoors, especially walking. My stomach is very important to me and I love growing food crops and most importantly eating them! 


Hi everyone,  

I am Chris and I am the Membership officer and part of the Buying team.
I am keen to reduce my impact upon the environment and especially reduce my plastic use and through Scoop and Scales I hope to be able to help others.  

I am a teacher and currently I am working on developing the role of children in the Macclesfield community and helping them to understand environmental impacts and how they can encourage people to embrace ‘changes’ in their lifestyles. 

I love to potter in my garden, growing ‘edibles’ 

and love to experiment with foraged foods. I also love walking in our beautiful countryside.



My name is Andrea, I am part of the Social media team for Scoop and Scales and look after the Instagram Page. I love to share positive news and am looking forward to continuing to connect with like-minded organisations in the future.  

I work for a Children’s Charity and also lead monthly pottery workshops.  I have lots of experience working with charities and local community groups and know that Scoop and Scales has fantastic potential to inform and support the local community to become more ethically minded.  

 I love working with clay and escaping to the seaside to unwind and get back to basics with my family. 


Hello. I’m Trish. My officer role is to fill in and do whatever needs to be done when it needs doing if I can!   

I’ve been involved with Scoop & Scales since the first meeting in the summer of 2019. I became involved because I am passionate about reducing the use of plastic. 

I love the way we have started to reduce plastic use in Macclesfield and I really enjoy meeting members at collection evenings. 

My day job is tour guide and loom maintenance at Macclesfield’s Silk Museum, which I love. 

I spend my spare time walking my dog, growing veggies and doing textile craft. 


Hi everyone, my name is Chris and I’m part of the buying team for scoop and scales. I’m very pleased to be involved with such a great bunch of people with a shared focus on improving the way we purchase and consume food and household goods.
I have a degree in Environmental Management but ended up co-running a cafe in Macclesfield for 5 years after graduation so it’s nice to move back to the environmental stuff with scoop and scales.
In my free time I enjoy playing music, skateboarding and running.


Hi I am Russ, I was introduced to scoop and scales by my mate, Graham in Nov ‘19 … back then the collection events really opened my eyes to the possibilities of living more sustainably and considering what waste we create as humans. I love helping out with the growth of Scoop and Scales and recently have facilitated a sustainable delivery approach with electric cargo. The eLOV bike helps your products get to you with pedal power and that goes a long way to reduce unnecessary car/van journeys, thereby making the roads of Macclesfield a safe and nicer place to be. I am also a governor at a local primary school as well as being a self employed consultant of ‘Plain Selling’, specialising in helping businesses to growth with effective sales and selling.