The choice of suppliers is something that we at Scoop and Scales feel is very important. We want our suppliers to mirror our ethos and share our principles. We also want to share with you what makes them all so special.  

Suma were the first supplier that Scoop and Scales used. They have provided most of the food, cleaning, and hygiene products that our members have been enjoying since we formed. Suma is an ethical wholesaler that was founded in Leeds in 1977, they focus on selling vegetarian, organic, fairly traded, and natural products.  


Suma is amazing organisation that was formed as a worker co-operative. This means the company is owned and run by the people that work there (nearly 200 of them!), they all have a say in how the organisation is run, and don’t need to answer to shareholders. Suma are also the largest equal pay co-op in Europe, which means that all their employees are paid the same, from pickers and packers to accountants.  

They are a values driven organisation, and have a number of active partnerships with community and environmental groups. For example, in partnership with environmental group Treesponsibility on their CO2mittment scheme, Suma plants in the region of 5,300 trees each year to offset the carbon produced by their fleet of delivery trucks. Native species are planted to lock carbon into the soil and at the same time providing a sustainable resource, by means of coppicing the plantation as it matures. They have also been busy during the current pandemic, providing supplies for several foodbanks across Yorkshire and Greater Manchester.  


Crucially from our perspective, Suma are always looking at how to minimise their consumption and the waste they produce. They are also investigating the feasibility of electrifying their London fleet and the use of hydrogen for longer distance deliveries. In terms of food waste, Suma have developed  relationships with local food waste campaigns; for example they send damaged and short-dated stock to Armley Junk-tion, a pay-as-you feel community café in Leeds. Finally, Suma only sell vegetarian products, and have supported many campaigns to encourage people to eat a vegetarian diet. 


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