Our suppliers: Wigan Wholefoods

The choice of suppliers is something that we at Scoop and Scales feel is very important. We want our suppliers to mirror our ethos and share our principles. We also want to share with you what makes them all so special. 

Wigan Wholefoods have been a key supplier since March 2020.Established in the winter of 1982, from a single domestic garage, in a small town in the North west of England, nestled between Liverpool and Manchester, Tony and Susan formed a small wholesale distribution outlet, supplying a variety of independent health food shops.  Roll forward 36 years, Wigan Wholefoods is a family operated, large wholesaler of a vast range of dried bulk wholefoods and dried food ingredients.

Wigan Wholefoods are a trusted distributor who work with tens of firms worldwide to source quality ingredients. They also aim to ensure that their products are affordable, and we in turn are able to pass these excellent prices on to our customers.

We source over 40 products from Wigan Wholefoods, including a range of nuts, our sweet treats, rice, cereals, spices and herbs. On top of all this, they offer us excellent customer service and are great to deal with. Thanks Dave and the team in Wigan!






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