Proudly presenting the E-cargo bike for home deliveries!

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We are plastic free!”


Something which I’m sure we long for all shops and retail outlets to be able to shout. For the time being, striving for the best we can do is ‘good enough’. Matt Todd, manager at the fantastic Scoop and Scales gives his opinion.

“That is why at Scoop and Scales we are always striving for better. How are we improving things during this lockdown? We have a new website with direct online ordering, we’ve made the Heritage Centre our HQ for the foreseeable and now we are offering sustainable delivery.

Thanks to a collaboration with Peak cyclesport and one of our members Russ from Plain Selling we are able to cycle your orders to you… pedal power. Saving on plastic. Saving on car fumes and therefore saving the planet!”

“I’ve been wanting to make use of the new Riese & Müller cargo electric bike for local businesses especially with the lockdown restrictions meaning many businesses and customers are unable to shop like they have done previously… when Russ called it was a timely conversation” said Andy, owner at Peak cyclesport. Russ has a variety of wheels himself, “I love riding bikes, as well as having a kick scooter and a skateboard… I’m seen more often on wheels than in the car. I mentioned the idea to Matt about an electric cargo bike capable of doing a 50 mile delivery run and he loved it” Russ is helping the team at Scoop and Scales along with other volunteers to get the new sustainable delivery model rolling.


Keep an eye out for Scoop and Scales on the roads and give them a beep or a wave!!


@peak.cyclesport.andy – owner of Peak cyclesport and the reason why we have been able to give this a go! 🙂

@cycle.electric – this is Peak cyclesport sub brand 100% dedicated to electric cycles. Andy has a shop unit in the Grosvenor Centre


@riesemuller – the revolutionary electric bike company