Scoop and Scales: A Brief History

We’ve been keeping ourselves busy with all things Scoop and Scales since June 2019!  

April 2020

Next Steps proposal email sent to members, to help us decide how to move towards our goal of a permanent base in the town.  

No collection event was possible so officers decided to offer a delivery service. 

First Good News-letter issued

March 2020

Coronavirus became more of a problem and our collection event was moved to St 

Peters and was managed in order to maintain social distancing. 

January and February 2020

Continued increase in membership and range of products offered. 

December 2019

Second order placed and our second Collection Night was held at the Hope Centre. 

Evaluation of the first two buying cycles concluded; verdict = a success! With several valuable ‘learning experiences’. 

November 2019

First order placed and our first Collection Night is held at the Hope Centre. 

Trial phase 2 began with a second buying list circulated to members. 

Membership increased to 30.  

Hosted our first meeting for members at the Hope Centre.  

October 2019

Superheroes stepped forward as 18 people subscribed as members. 

Draft constitution adopted.

Scoop and Scales was born after a naming session.  

Officers were elected.

Trial phase 1 began with the first buying list circulated.

Scoop and Scales Superheroes

September 2020

Buyers’ Club Cooperative agreed as first step.  

Invitation to become zero waste superheroes.  

August 2019

Fleshed out Ideas.



July 2019

Brainstormed Ideas – and there was no shortage of them! 

June 2019

At a Macctastic meeting in June 2019 an invitation was issued to find if there was a demand for ‘Zero Waste Retail’ in Macclesfield. 

A series of meetings took place