Terracycle… what can I recycle?!

As a general rule, councils across the UK will accept simple waste streams but do not want any materials that are costly to recycle… this includes things such as flexible packaging (crisps and biscuit wrappers), waste that is made up of multiple materials (eg. pens and toothbrush tubes), and anything else where the cost of recycling the waste outweighs the value of the end product.  This is where Terracycle steps in to create a non-landfill solution for this waste.

We are hugely fortunate locally to have ‘Terracycle Kate’ in our midst.  Kate is Macclesfield’s Terracycle collector/sorter/guru/champion. She works tirelessly and endlessly to make it easier for the rest of us to easily recycle our Terracycle waste… (you can find her on FB and Instagram).  
For a quick and simple guide of things that can be recycled in the scheme locally please see:
Don’t forget, your Terracycle waste can be dropped at Scoop and Scales.