Plastic Saved Totaliser launched  

Our members and customers have helped to save a huge amount of plastic from being wasted.

1,798 pieces

of plastics saved by Scoop and Scales

One of the aims of Scoop and Scales is to reduce plastic waste and single use plastic consumption. Plastic pollution is one of the most pressing issues in our fight to protect our global environment. We are addicted to plastic, and show no signs of slowing down (half of all plastic EVER created has been manufactured in the last 15 years). The scale of this use and the disposal of it is having catastrophic environmental impacts; from the 8 million tonnes p.a. that end up in the sea, to the estimated 700 species that are affected by it.  

We can all do something about our consumption of plastic.

One step is to make sure that we re-use and re-purpose the plastic we already have in our homes before we recycle it. Items such as the inners from cereal packets, large yogurt pots and ice cream tubs are all useful to refill. 

The second is to minimise the amount of new plastic that we purchase and dispose of. It is sometimes difficult in the convenience driven society we live in, but we believe in you!  

As the membership of Scoop and Scales grows, more and more plastic is being saved and re-used. With this in mind we are now launching a totaliser to track our progress.  

After just six buying cycles, look how many pieces of plastic packaging our members have saved!


This is very impressive at this stage but we like a challenge!  

We want you to help us reach our target to save 50,000 pieces of plastic, equivalent to one for every person in Macclesfield . 


** Our plastic saved figure is calculated from when we first began operation the buyers’ club. It is based on the number of items we have sold.