What do we sell?

Our aim is to offer a range of products that will enable you to reduce your waste and buy brands that have been ethically sourced. The brands we chose are carefully considered with sustainability in mind.  

To see the range of products on offer at our 30th August Treacle Market pop-up refill shop – click here 

Monthly buying lists 

We operate an alternating A and B monthly buying lists as well as offering you the opportunity to buy regular items each month. This approach allows us to vary the range of products we sell.  The typical products range from tinned and dried foods, a selection of household products for the bathroom and kitchen, and a range of useful cleaning supplies.   

At present, the majority of our food supplies come from Suma and Wigan Wholefoods, however we are always delighted to have new suppliers on board, you can find out more about them here .   We are continually developing our buying lists and are very open to members suggestions for new product requests. 

You can find all the products we sell here:  

A List

Number Product Description Cost
OTHER: Bicarbonate of Soda 
BAKING: Soft brown sugar
OIL: Extra virgin olive oil
DRIED FRUIT: Pitted organic dates
SEEDS: Pumpkin seeds
SEEDS: Sunflower seeds
NUTS: Walnut halves
NUTS: Whole almonds
OATS: Jumbo oats
LENTILS: Green lentils
RICE: Long grain brown
PASTA: Organic wholewheat fusilli

Please note: These lists may change depending on popularity of items, members’ preferences and stock availability. We will also be adding new items to the list on trial periods.  

Members have been busy putting their purchases to good use, we have had some fabulous recipes