Scoop and Scales Cooperative

Scoop and Scales is a cooperative with an aim to open a fill your own container / plastic free shop in Macclesfield in the autumn of 2020. We also hope that this space will be a hub for environmental activity in the town. 

There is a small group of officers on the committee (all volunteers) who work with members and other volunteers to run the admin, buying, research and marketing side.  

We re-invest a proportion of our profits in the local area to support positive local change.

Buyers’ Club

We have been running a buyers’ club in Macclesfield since October 2019 and have over 120 members. We chose to operate this model as a first step to test the feasibility of zero waste retail in Macc. Each month we send a list of around 50 products to our members, they return the list to us, and we have a collection event.


As a group we are aiming to reduce waste and create a place that local people can buy ethically sourced products that reduce our impact on the wonderful world we live in. Scoop and Scales buyers’ club is the start of a journey that has already begun to have an impact. By buying in bulk and members re-using containers we are hugely reducing the plastic waste we create. We are also stocking a growing number of organic and ethically sourced products as well as some locally produced items.

We want to go further, the ultimate aim for Scoop and Scales is to have a retail space that can stock a much wider range of product, be open on a regular basis and can become a hub for the environmental and ethical change in Macclesfield.

How can I join?

If you are interested in joining please email us ( There is a one off £30 membership fee. This is an investment in Scoop and Scales and is used to help to fund our development, providing capital to buy stock and equipment. We hope that this fee won’t prove a barrier for any potential members, but if it does, we offer a reduced rate of £1.50 per order.


Scoop and Scales was established as a cooperative with all members having an equal vote. The idea is to give all members a stake and say in the operation and development of our cooperative. We aim to be open and inclusive, recognising the different abilities of our members as a strength that we can use to give us a broad perspective and improve how we operate.

We also produce a monthly newsletter and aim to have regular members meetings, although current circumstances meant we had to cancel there. We also interact with members and the wider public through social media.

Supporters & Partners

Here are some of the fantastic organisations who help our co-operative.

What People Say...

"Lovely idea for Macclesfield, run by the people of Macclesfield" Lisa
"High quality products at affordable prices " Joe
"I attended the pop up on Saturday and just want to say that it was brilliant and how well organised it all was when things aren't easy at the moment everyone was still very helpful!" Alison
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