About Scoop and Scales

Scoop and Scales is a cooperative that opened a fill your own container / zero waste shop in Macclesfield in October 2020. As we grow, we hope that this space will be a hub for environmental activity in the town. We welcome everyone to our shop. 

Find us at: The Old Sunday School (Heritage Centre), Roe Street, SK11 6UT.

Open:  Mon (10-4), Wed (10-4), Thurs (10-7), Fri (10-4), Sat (10-4), Treacle Sunday (10-2)

We also offer delivery by cargo bike on a Friday. Orders taken by 8pm on a Tuesday will be delivered that week – order here.

Find out how zero waste shopping works here.

How we are run

Scoop and Scales is a members cooperative, so although many people are involved in helping the organisation function, no-one makes a financial gain from this. There is a small group of directors on the committee (all volunteers) who work hard behind the scenes to run the admin, buying, research and marketing sides of our operation.

We also have an excellent group of shop managers (Andrea, Emily, Fabienne, Laura, Eleanor and Matt) who look after the day to day running of our shop. We also rely on assistance from our band of volunteers, who give many hours each month to help our customers.  

We are also grateful for the support and expertise of our members.

Our aims

As a group we are aiming to reduce food waste and single use packaging and create a place that people can buy ethically sourced products that reduce our impact on the wonderful world we live in. By buying in bulk and customers re-using containers we are hugely reducing the plastic waste we create. We also allow customers to buy the exact quantities they require of each item, allowing people to try new foods and reduce food waste.

We also aim to provide information and links to other local green groups to encourage discussion about the wider aspects of living a greener, simpler life. Part of this is putting on a varied series of events.

Finally, we believe in profit for purpose. This means we aim to be financially sustainable and generate a small surplus, a proportion of which we re-invest in the local area to support positive local change.


Scoop and Scales was established as a cooperative with all members having an equal vote. The idea is to give all members a stake and say in the operation and development of our cooperative. We aim to be open and inclusive, recognising the different abilities of our members as a strength that we can use to give us a broad perspective and improve how we operate.

Our website will provide regular community and environmental news updates and we aim to have regular members meetings, (although current circumstances have made this challenging). We also interact with members and the wider public through social media.

You can find out more information, and sign up to our mailing list here.



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